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Playitforward Kids originated in Wheaton, IL in October of 2014. 

Since then we have helped thousands of our local residents, neighbors, friends, and community organizations.  Our hope is to spread kindness through teaching our children to be kind and to help them grow up to be kind adults.  Our mission is for them to learn how fun it is to be kind and carry that throughout their lifetime.  If you would like to join one of our events, reach out through the appropriate chapter, and we will get right back with you!  If you would like to be a partner organization with Playitforward kids, please contact Kristy at 773-480-6200 or Kristy@playitforwardkids.org!

Kristy Sorensen
Kristy Sorensen
Founder, President and Mom of Playitforward kids

When I began Playingitforward within our community, it was just a tool that was used to help my kids become kinder. It was well received in the community, so I thought it would be great to extend the invite to others.

It has been a complete joy to see Playitforward Kids expand to other local areas in Illinois within the last few years. How grateful I am to see how we are embraced and welcomed to help our fellow community neighbors, friends, and organizations.

Please join us by coming to an event, or get involved in your own community. I would love to hear from you so we can partner and playitforward all over the world!

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